PowerEdge R-Series, Generation 11 / 12 / 13

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    Dell PowerEdge R310

    4x 3.5" Harddrives
    2x HotSwap Power Supply
    Maximal 32 TERABYTE HDD

    P/N:   5XKKK, 05XKKK, 5RHN3, 05RHN3, X6VT9, 0X6VT9

    As low as: €49.00

  • Dell PowerEdge R320

    Dell PowerEdge R320

    4 x 3.5" Hotswap HD-Bay
    P/N:   JGJWP, 0JGJWP, CD0M2, 0CD0M2, R5KP9, 0R5KP9, 8VT7V, 08VT7V, 210-ACCX, 350-11191

    As low as: €199.00

  • DELL PowerEdge R410 ServerHome.nl

    Dell PowerEdge R410

    • Up to 4 Hot-Swappable 3.5" SAS / SATA Harddisks
    • Up to 2 Hot-Swappable Power Supplies
    P/N:   H514J, 0H514J, K034J, 0K034J, N051F, 0N051F

    As low as: €99.00

  • Dell PowerEdge R710 Serverhome.nl

    Dell PowerEdge R710 4x 3.5" LFF

    4 x 3.5" SAS / SATA Harddisks

    Type I & Type II

    P/N:  R710

    As low as: €39.00

  • Dell PowerEdge R720xd [12x 3.5" LFF]

    Dell PowerEdge R720xd

    12x 3.5" (+ 2x 2.5")
    Up to 768GB RAM
    24 DIMM slots
    6x PCIe 3.0 slots 
    Max 50TB internal storage

    P/N:  210-ABMY, 350-11098, 020HJ, 0020HJ, 8RW36, 08RW36, C4Y3R, 0C4Y3R, HJK12, 0HJK12, VWT90, 0VWT90, W7JN5, 0W7JN5, X3D66, 0X3D66

    As low as: €99.00

  • Dell PowerEdge R810

    Dell PowerEdge R810

    40 CPU Cores

    80 CPU Threads

    32 Memory Slots

    512GB RAM

    As low as: €99.00

31 Item(s)

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